Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Updating For Seasons

Courtesy of TheSims3.com

Okay, so now that Seasons is out I can begin updating this world in full.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

New Lots

I've been making some more lots and I thought I'd upload them for whoever wants them. Once I am finished with all the lots that I want to rebuild (or that are blank) I'll compile them into an updated New York. So until then I'll update this post with new lots whenever I finish them. Oh and I'm definitely updating this world when Seasons comes out. Snowy New York!!! Lots after the jump...


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

First *Official* Release of New York Coming Soon

Though "official" sounds a little too...official, I just mean to say that we're finally out of the beta stage. As you can see from the pic above, the city is near completion. Currently I'm in the process of naming lots and placing spawners, and then I'll upload it for everyone.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

More Lots In The Works

Here are some shots of some of the community lots I've been working on for a while now. I needed a really long break from the game (It gets really tiresome building and building all the time, and I took up some reading and other things for a few months), but now, I think I'm back on track! We really hope that the next version will be the final. Or at least the final Beta! I still have a lot of lots to make over and quite a number of plans.

Lets talk about the pics I posted, shall we?... :)
First is a rough start on some shopping space in midtown. The building on the corner closest to you is going to be the new starbucks that was removed from the last beta but will be redone for the final!
The second picture is a redo of the nature trail way on the outskirts of New Jersey. This new lot will be more like a camping ground with tents to sleep in, a fire pit, some picnic tables and insects, rocks and other goodies to find.
The third and fourth picturs are a desert oasis and a tropical rainforest, encased in glass domes that can be explored. They are both set as fishing spots and ponds and WA spawners inside. They can be accessed just like the Butterfly dome in Bridgeport is. These will be located near the science facility in New Jersey.
And finally in the fifth picture, I'm going to build a dog park there. Since this world isn't going to include Pets or any expansions after Late Night, it will be zoned as a "small park".

Some of my other plans, as of right now, include:
-building a third domed fishing spot set as an alien world near the science facility
-building a large graveyard in the Bronx
-building some more brownstones, and a couple of apartment building north of Central Park (Harlem district)
-redo the New York Public Library
-build Bryant Park (small park) behind the library. The existing club will be moved somewhere in the suburbs.
-Build another shop in midtown on the other small empty lot near the one I'm building now.
-update some of the other existing lots including the business parks and offices in downtown and some other areas
-possibly updating Central Park

I know, it's a ton of work!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Little More Up Close and Personal!

For those who may be new to our NY world, or for those that are exploring the new Beta version 5, here a few new lots that I have created. I'd like to know what you guys think of them. Any sort of feedback is appreciated! Also if there is anything you'd like to see added to the world? What lot's are your favorites so far? All feedback is welcome so we can get some ideas for new lots and change some things about existing ones if needed. Thanks guys!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Error Reporting

Courtesy of Daily Record (UK)

This is really a post for my sake, a place to keep the myriad issues organized. If you find an error in the world, please post it in the comments below.
  • Errors are routing issues, textures not showing up, floating objects, etc. (You know, things wrong with the world)
  • Errors are not crashes, lag, save errors, etc. I know these are more concerning to you, the individual, (and I will help you to resolve these issues as best I can) but I don't want this post to get clogged with those types of reports.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Yes, I do plan on re-doing this area

Just wanted to wish everybody (who celebrates it) a Happy Easter Sunday! Hope you all have a peaceful weekend with friends and family : )

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

NYC v.5 Picture Update

I always feel that I don't do enough picture posts on this blog. So, as a precursor to the new beta, here are some pictures from the coming release...

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Brooklyn Bridge is Now Fixed!

I am beyond excited to announce that sims no longer get stuck on the Brooklyn Bridge! I have been doing a lot of sculpting, which can mess up routing, so I don't think I'll be releasing a new beta at the moment. But know that it is resolved and will not be an issue in any future versions

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


As you may have noticed, New York is fitted with several underground subways. As you may also have noticed, your sim does not use these subways, but instead takes a cab all around town (at least if your Sim doesn't own a car--and who in New York owns a car?!). So my question is this;

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

We Need You To Decide

Click for Larger Image

Click for Larger Image

As you may have noticed, the release of the 4th Beta has been quite delayed. This is because I've yet been able to remedy the Brooklyn Bridge issue (where pedestrian sims sometimes get stuck on it). Furthermore, CAW is being it's usual difficult self, and I've been unable to export (having to rely on others to export for me). This has obviously slowed testing greatly. This brings us to the point of this post:

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hello Everyone!

I would like to formally introduce myself. My name is Jamie , I also go by happyjme on Thesims3.com, Modthesims and some other sim related sites. As some of you may know, I've been helping to build a number of lots for the New York world and Dan has asked me to help contribute to the creation of the last number of Betas and to the final version in the foreseeable future! He also asked if I'd like to be a contributor to this blog which I graciously accepted!
I have CC free versions of the NY lots featured on my simpage for anyone interested, though Dan has already told you guys about that so I'll just let you guys in on a little about myself and my simming habits! :)
I've been an avid Sims player since the original came out in the early 2000's and I have always loved building houses for my sims. Even before Sims I used to love building houses with my Lego's and drawing houses in notebooks. I am also pretty artistic and was in art classes throughout high school, but I never decided to go to architecture school like a lot of my family had suggested to me back then. That is my boyfriend's forte` and seeing the hell that architecture school is, I'm glad I never decided to do that! I prefer the simplicity of the Sims.
I can build a little bit of everything but I guess what I love to do most is build historical, urban style houses that would be found in a city. I live in the downtown of a small city and I love it so I guess it shows in my work.
I also do a lot of playing with my sim familes (one I have going on for 6 generations now) I take turns between building and playing. Sometimes for months at a time of only doing one before I switch to the other for a while! I also like testing new worlds. I can't seem to get enough of them!
But besides sims, you may find that i'm a big history buff and love anything that has to do with the 18th and 19th centuries. I also like to cook, read a little and listen to cheesy pop music. :) I also have two cats that like to constantly annoy my boyfriend! Most of the time my life is pretty mundane.