Thursday, August 8, 2013

A New New York?

A user of this world, Horus, has begun their own recreation of New York, and it looks awesome so far.  


They've taken the time to create new deco buildings of all sorts, making New York look even more authentic, and Manhattan is finally big enough to give it true justice. I don't know what EP's it will eventually require, but for those of you looking for an updated NY, this will probably be what you're looking for.

 So yeah, go check it out and encourage him to keep working on it, because I promise you, it helps:

Sims 3 Big Apple


  1. i just wanted to know if the new new york would be bigger than this one, ive been searching for a world just like this but smaller so that my computer could handle it! these new york worlds are the most perfect ones ive seen out there, my computer is just too old to run them, i wish there was a world exactly like this one, with like a chunk taken off of it so it could run smoother on my computer... sorry , english isnt my first language i wish you guys best wishes and youve made the best sims 3 world ive seen ever! hopefully youll create something similar when sims 4 comes out, just smaller so that more people could play it...!

  2. Hi, the new new york will be bigger and more detailed when it is finished. To help solving your problems, it would be possible to release only Manhattan as a part of the world so your computer should be able to handle it.

  3. How do you install this? I have no idea where to put the files that come in the rar. Please help? Thank you in advance :)

    1. Try this link:

  4. The First Beta of the Big Apple world has been released. Have fun playtesting!

  5. Im having really bad routing sims cant visit some parts of the over by the school area..thanks! beautiful city..

  6. After a long period of development the second beta has been finally released!

  7. Just wanted to say- THIS IS LITERALLY A MASTERPIECE. I wish I could play in this city but my computer can't take it, which is odd because I'm working with an i7 processor 16GB of ram and a new NVIDIA graphics card. It's still beautiful though. The only thing left is for it to utilize the ports from island paradise.

  8. Hi Daniel,

    I was looking for your CAW file that you used to have listed under your NY world and CC files, but I don't see it here anymore. :( I am having problems with your stadium now. All of a sudden none of my athletic sims will go to work. They try to go, but they get a message bubble that they can't enter. Or the "go to work" queue just disappears. I can't bulldoze it and replace it because there is no map tag for it in Edit Town, like the other rabbit holes. Is there any way I can get your CAW file or can you PLEASE put it back on your site, so I can download it? I read that you can change things if you have the CAW file. I would like to make it have a map tag so I can bulldoze and replace it with a new stadium. Thanks. Or if this is Horus reading this post, is there anyway I (or you) can contact Daniel about this issue I am having. It is my only solution that I can think of that might work.