Monday, September 26, 2011

Find Routing Issues Quickly and Easily

Note: This is not an update on the New York World but something I would like to make the community aware of.

Using 'Overwatch', Twallan has now devised a way to find and eliminate all routing issues simply by play testing and waiting for the notifications to pop up.

Below is a step by step on how to use this new feature:

  1. Click on your town's City Hall rabbithole and an option that says Nraas should show
  2. After clicking on the Nraas option, a bubble that says 'Overwatch' will appear, click on it.
  3. Now you should have a menu list of options. Choose 'Settings'
  4. Once in Settings, look for two options titled 'Stuck Check' and 'Stuck Check Auto-Reset' respectively.
  5. Turn 'Stuck Check' to TRUE and 'Stuck Check Auto Reset' to FALSE
Having successfully set up these options, start a play session just as normal and if there are sims that experience any routing issues, notifications will pop up along with the portrait of the sim in question. Now just click on the sim and the game will zoom over to wherever they are in the world and you will be able to see what exactly the problem is and resolve it so that the routing issue no longer occurs

I should note that while 'StuckCheck' is running, performance may be hampered so pay no attention to the extra lag. It will go away when StuckCheck is disabled. 

In short: Be Sure to turn this stuff off before ending your play-session. Unless you like lag!

After just a few minutes of gameplay (maybe 15 minutes or so) it already found a routing failure that I had overlooked in the coming New York World
 Here, an NPC sim is stuck in a hidden room
Finding and resolving routing issues is one of the most tedious and difficult things to do for any world creator and is the bane of smooth performance in most user created worlds. This new option should make play testing newly created worlds quicker and more effective which, hopefully, in time will produce a wide variety of much more polished worlds.

It is also very useful to people who download worlds that they find appealing, only to find it to be rife with lag, rendering it unplayable. Without naming any in particular, I think we've all experienced that.


  1. Great tutorial! Way to go Twallan, my sims would not survive till now without him. Thank you for spreading the words and building a great world here.
    BTW, I have used his mods for a long time and still not familiar with all of its features. Last time I learned how to delete a specific inventory objects from everybody in town (such as Big Lemon :D or flowers). Then every once in a while I wonder how to add an item to every townie's inventory (life a Flame Fruit), do you think it's possible to do so with MC or SP?

  2. @ Nox

    I don't know that I've ever heard of that but I'm not too familiar with MC.

    Here's the thread so you can ask him yourself, He will respond (You have to register first)

  3. Very helpful, but I think you missed a step.

    In order for the SimStuckCheck option to show up, you have to enable Debug:ShowHiddenOptions:Name under Options:Debugging at the first menu screen.

  4. @Jasumi I just went in-game to make sure I didn't miss anything, and everything seems accurate. The way stuckcheck appears on mine is when I turn 'Options:Sims' debugging to high, then the hidden debugging options appear

    I am glad you saw this though. Hopefully this will help kill the remaining lag in Oahu over time.

  5. Hmm....well I download the mod yesterday, so it's possible Twallan already had it enabled in previous versions by default. I dunno *shrugs*

    Oh, and thanks for that, I realized the problem is that sims were getting stuck in rabbit holes somehow >_>

    Much thanks for this tutorial.

  6. You're welcome. We all want your WIP to be as perfect as possible

  7. It tells the name of the sim(s) that get stuck.. however no picture for me to click so basically I can't find them!

  8. @ Anon

    There are a couple of methods I can think of.

    First, Master Controller has the ability to zoom in on any sim, so take note of the name and do it that way (I'm not a regular MC user myself so those questions are best directed to that mod thread)

    Or, go into edit town mode and find their home simply by hovering over each one until you see the familiar last name

    Let me know if you're still having problems after trying these.

  9. Thanks for this! I'll make sure to try this out, although my game is not as laggish as it used to be. It's just crazy, lol!

  10. I've been using,Twallan's SP since LN but I had no idea he had created yet another jwel , and placed it in the already perfect SP mod, even though I update my mods regularly. I'm a world creator myself and that will come in really handy. Thank you so much for letting us know about it , and for the clear instructions on how to use it.

  11. @Gem

    You're welcome. I made the tutorial exactly because I know how useful it can be and how difficult it is to find (In my mind, Twallan deeply undersells this amazing feature...but who am I to tell him to do it differently)

    If you have any problems with the tut, let me know

  12. why cannot see show overwatch? here: City Hall / NRaas / Story progression/,,,,,/,,,,

    pls help how show overwatch?

    1. Assuming Overwatch is installed (and properly), you will find it in City Hall/NRaas/Overwatch

      NOT Story Progression! Hope that helped :)

    2. oh thank you... but have problem bcoz game crash when view town and edit town? how fix?

    3. It might be memory related. Try out the things in this post:

  13. Many, many, many thanks.


    1. No problem. Feel free to put it on your wiki :)

  14. Having music on your blog in 2012 is really, really lame.

  15. ^tell that to most simblrs, nonny.
    BTS, I liked the New York song :)