Sunday, August 5, 2012

New Lots

I've been making some more lots and I thought I'd upload them for whoever wants them. Once I am finished with all the lots that I want to rebuild (or that are blank) I'll compile them into an updated New York. So until then I'll update this post with new lots whenever I finish them. Oh and I'm definitely updating this world when Seasons comes out. Snowy New York!!! Lots after the jump...


Note: These lots make use of custom content already included with the world

Madison Ave Fashions
I made a second clothing store for Madison Ave. It sits just next to Ralph (salon) and the Manhattan Starbucks.

Download Madison Ave. Fashions

Brooklyn Art Gallery
This lot is located in Downtown Brooklyn, and maintains both an art gallery as well as a coffeehouse

Washington Heights Apartment Projects
Very...affordable living in Harlem. This building sits on a 64x64 lot on the northernmost point in Manhattan.

Download Washington Heights Projects

Tenafly Nature Center
A foresty area that has a camping ground, complete with tents, and picnic area, as well as a little cabin to keep warm from the cold winters. It's location is the northernmost point of the NJ side of the map on a 64x64 lot

Download Tenafly Nature Center

Staten Island Park
Just a simple little park to replace the current one in Staten Island. This is a 30x20 lot

Download Staten Island Park

Astor On The Park
This luxury apartment sits on the blank 29x25 lot on Central Park North. It is a fully furnished 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom and is ideal for writers or artists.

Madison Ave. Simbucks
This is, predictably, a coffehouse/restaurant. I also put a little stage in for the struggling artists. It sit's on the blank lot on Madison Ave. Near the Ralph salon in Manhattan

And I also made a little jewelry store type-thing to sell your gems/metals. I'll also place more gem spwners when I update the world

McMahon's Alehouse
This lot replaces 'Antarctica' and sits just behind the library in Downtown Manhattan. It's an Irish pub

Updated Cosmopolitan
I also updated the Cosmopolitan exclusive lounge in Manhattan (It's the large white skyscraper shell). The last one was laggy for me and I wasn't happy with the interior. It's now a bit simpler but with a more exclusive feel

Bronx Cemetary
This lot replaces the Bronx Park in...The Bronx. It also opens up St. John's Church in Manhattan to become a place for wedding venues. I don't have Generations but I'll redo the interior of the church for those that do. Anyways...


  1. i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!11

  2. Awww! Most of your files have been removed by Mediafire for violations!? :(

  3. Ohh, these are so nice!! Hope we can access them soon!

  4. Oh please, try to put new links to permit download of these wonderful lots, please please !!!

  5. I only ask that you consider adding more residential lots in each part. Also more mansions :)

  6. Pleaseee update the links they have been down for so long !

  7. Please update the links!

  8. how did u get new york is it on an expansion pack if so we dont have it in uk x

  9. Your city is a crap! Everything crashing, can't even play there. I did everything that u sayed will help to run this city but it still didn't work. all other worlds works fine for me. Can somebody do the NY city without crashes?

  10. ^^ You're crap ohk? This world is amazing and there was alot of work put in to it. The crashing is probably due to your stupidity.

  11. I saw your Brooklyn Art Gallery and I couldn't wait to download it. It's very nice by the way. The only thing I can't figure out is where do you place it? I looked everywhere in Brooklyn(and the other boroughs)and there is no empty lot to put it on. It doesn't fit any where. I can't tell where you put yours in the picture. Did you have to bulldoze a lot to make it fit? Or is this lot really for your updated version of NYC for Seasons? Is there a lot to place it on in that version? Could you tell me where I can put the Brooklyn Art Gallery in the current version? By the way, I see there is a new New York under the download section. It's titled "Link 2". Is that the new updated version for Seasons? If it is I want to download it. Could you tell me what's the difference and why it's called Link 2? Thanks.

    1. It's where the highrises are in Brooklyn. Just next to the Wilsinoff Theatre rabbithole. There is also a business rabbithole nearby, oh and that 50's-ish diner. I hope I didn't upload it without there being a place for it, haha.

      The second link is just an alternative link because some people were having trouble downloading it. It is the same world. When I release the updated version I'll make sure it's recognizable. There's still stuff left to be done but CAW is broken at the moment, so I can't actually release it until all that is resolved anyways.

  12. Awesome and amazing work Daniel! I'm really enjoying your hard work that you've done. It looks like it will keep getting better and better. Looking forward to your "Seasons" update.


  13. This awesome thanks

  14. Holy all things beautiful! I cannot believe my eyes! I've been playing this tonight and taking pix for my non-sims playing friends and even THEY agree that your work is GORGEOUS!! I'm moving all my sims into your city. Phenomenal work!

    Any chance you'd consider making London and Paris?

    1. First off, thank you for the kind words. I'm always glad to hear that people are enjoying it.

      There is actually a Paris world already made:

      London has also been recreated, quite beautifully in fact, but because it has 700 lots, it's largely unplayable.

  15. I've been checking for new lots, but I guess that's all you'll be creating since this city is now complete. Will you be doing another big city? I hope that's not all. I absolutly love your New York City and I would love to see what else you come up with for us to enjoy. I hope that's not the last we see of you. Please don't stop creating. Your city is great. Way better that those worlds that EA has created. Your city brings realism to the game. Since your New York City, I feel like I'm playing a real city(which it is really) and not a made up cartoon city(world). What's next? Can you give us a little spoiler? Or a little hint?

    1. Creating a world is such a laborious process, that I'm not so eager to start anew. I mean, this world seemed to take a couple years! Don't get me wrong, I loved creating it, but to take on another huge project, I'd have to love it as much as I love NY. That enthusiasm doesn't come easily.

      Another thing, is that my computer really can't handle any more EP's. So when you couple the time it takes to create a world, along with the time it will take me to save for a new PC, I might not be doing anything until Sims 4. Sorry, I know it's not the answer you wanted.

    2. That's OK. I totally understand. How selfish of me. I didn't realize that it took a couple of years to create. Now that I think about it, it shows in your work. That's why this is such a fabulous city. I will never play another city(world) again. This will be it for me. Until you one day get your enthusiasm back and create another city. I'll just keep checking in from time to time. Maybe one day, you'll suprise me. I look soooo forward to that day. Thanks for sharing your wonderful creation with us. Thanks to you, now the sims will be even more enjoyable. Now that I have University Life(for adding more apartments) and your city, that's all I need for now. I'm satisfied for life.

    3. No worries, I'm glad you enjoy it. Thank you.