Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New Lots for Download

Because some of these didn't make it into the 3rd BETA. I figured I'd just make them available for download. This way, any issues can (hopefully) be found before they're placed in the final version. Placement is included in the download archive. I will be updating this post with new builds periodically...

Toy Store

This lot takes advantage of Ani's Shop From Inventory mod but if you don't want to install said mod, the register will simply function as normal
There's also a laundromat


Wall Street Inn

This was originally intended to be a Base Camp for travelers to New York City but I've been informed (Thanks Tizerist) that the Traveler Mod doesn't play nice with Worlds altered to  Cities...still a nice building though. A restaurant is attached to the Inn as well.
Thanks to Sandy of ATS for her bistro and pub sets. And thanks to Sarah of Awesims for her cornices

Bullseye's Sports Bar

A simple little sports bar in Brooklyn. Enjoy and let me know of any issues or just things you'd change in general
 Thanks again to Sarah and Sandy
The Green Door 

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