Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thank God For....TSR?!

Yes the much defamed TSR team has come to our rescue


The new tool, TSR Pets CC Bug Fixer (TSR RigFix) is now tested, documented and ready for you to use to fix your Sims 3 Custom Content after installing Pets or patching the game. Go to the Fix Your Game page to get the tool and follow the simple instructions. By including step by step screenshots we seem to have made the process look more complicated than it really is but this should make even the most nervous PC users feel comfortable fixing their content. That said, be sure to back your game files up and use this tool carefuly (and at your own risk).
Unfortunately this tool will not work for Mac users. Fixed sims3packs can be downloaded from the site and these will work on your Mac. You could also copy your Sims3pack files to a PC and fix them all in one batch to drop back onto your Mac, so there are ways to fix your game, but not as quick and easy I'm afraid.
We will try and offer as much support as we can for this tool to our users via the Support System here at the site. Please be aware though, we might get lots of requests and reports about a common bug so generic answers and fixes might mean that you don't get a personal reply. Please check back for updates if you have problems.

Lies! All Lies!!!!

I guess this means I'll have to be patching up here pretty soon : (

In the meantime, the uncompressed version of the file that needs fixing, can be found in the previous post; "Custom Content and Patch 1.26"

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